Referall is a talent marketplace that unlocks the value of referral networks

Referrers are paid a referral fee for successful placements. Employers gain access to previously untapped candidates and those not actively looking for a new role. Simply advertise your role with referall, and our users can refer qualified candidates suitable for your role.

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Candidates not actively looking for jobs
Would refer a role to a suitable person in their network
Referred employees stay longer and are a better fit for the business
Post a job
Post a job
Qualified Candidates
Save time on recruiting
Don’t pay high commissions to recruiters
Choose your own referral fee
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Become a referrer
Become a referrer
Quick and easy
Use your network to refer friends or colleagues to jobs
Earn referral fees for successful hires
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Apply for a job
Apply for a job
Get referred by someone you know
Successful referrer gets referral fee
Stand out from the crowd
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Why businesses love referall


Quality control

Traditional job boards lack any quality control, making it longer to find quality candidates.

Save time reviewing endless applications and focus on top quality candidates.


Job boards only provide access to those actively looking for jobs. Referall can provide access to the 85% of Australians who are not actively searching but open to new opportunities.

Your perfect candidate is out there!


Cost effective

With 8 in 10 employers reporting that higher demand for skilled candidates and a more competitive job market has resulted in an increase in cost to hire, choosing your own referral fees with referall can help control your cost to hire.

Choose a referral fee that’s appropriate for the job you’re looking for, from $135 and only pay upon successful appointment.

If you’re not sure what an appropriate referral fee should be, check out our handy suggestions.

Everyone loves a referral

We all ask for recommendations in our everyday life, be it for childcare, trades people, the latest tech and more. It happens instinctively.

Referall provides a global, secure platform to facilitate referrals and recommendations for jobs.

Not to mention, referred candidates to jobs tend to stay longer and are stronger performers!


Why users love referall

Get paid to refer your network


How many times have you been asked if you know someone good for a job?

With referall, you can be paid for referring relevant candidates on their successful placement

Be referred yourself & get noticed


See a job you want to apply for?

Simply reach out to one of your network to refer you, and be noticed instead of lost in a pile of job board applications or simply apply yourself!

Exposure to more jobs


More cost effective than the leading job boards, referall reduces barriers to entry so more employers can harness the power of referall

Let your mates job hunt for you


Let your mates find your next perfect job and get paid for it.

Referral fees can even help pay for your next holiday!