Terms & Conditions

Referall is a recruitment platform designed to assist employers to find candidates and for users to refer people they know who may be a good fit for a job. Referall is essentially a job board that operates via referral and offers a referral or finders fee to successful referrers.

Referall is not designed to replace any existing HR systems and advertisers are encouraged to complete their own due diligence when recruiting new employees.

By accessing or using Referall on any device constitutes agreement to the following terms and conditions in the capacity of an advertiser, job seeker or referrer or otherwise. Please ensure you have read and understand these terms and conditions prior to using the service.


Any content, copy, creative or other material on the Site is owned by Referall Pty Ltd ABN 40 647 554 041 trading as “Referall” and you agree not to infringe on any intellectual property owned by Referall.

Information for personal use only

You must not use, sell, or redistribute any information on this Site for commercial purposes, including unsolicited commercial correspondence. Downloading material from the Site is for personal use only and you must keep intact all copyright and proprietary notices.
You may not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit or distribute in any way any material from this Site including code and software, excluding job posts which may be shared on social media. You must not use this site for any unlawful purpose, or any purpose prohibited by these terms of use.

You must not use any data mining, robots, screen scrapers or any other similar automated data gathering extraction or publishing tools on this Site without the express, written consent by us.


Referall does not guarantee the accuracy of information on the Site. Users must conduct their own research such as but not limited to interviewing, background checks etc. Referall encourages Advertisers, Referrers and Referees to conduct their own research and accepts no liability for any information contained on or omitted from the Site.

No Guarantees of job vacancy

Referall does not guarantee the continued availability of a job advertised on the Site. Referall expects all users to act with integrity and provide genuine, accurate information to allow for the best possible outcome for all users. Referall does not accept any liability for jobs that may be filled prior to removal from the Site or filled via any other means.

Endorsements & Guarantees

Referall may provide links to other sites not maintained by us. As these sites are not managed by Referall, no guarantee is provided as to the accuracy of information provided on these sites or any ensuing relevance. Links are provided for additional information only and as a convenience to users and as such will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of following links. Users should always do their own research first and foremost. Referall is not responsible for any copyright compliance by any external site.

Guarantee of service

While Referall seeks to use best in class technology to support the Site, we provide no warranty that the services provided by the Site will be uninterrupted or error free. Referall does not guarantee any files uploaded to the site will be free from infection or viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or other code that manifest contaminating or destructive properties. All Users are responsible for managing their own data protection based on their own requirements which may include but not limited to sufficient anti-virus software, backup systems and business continuity plans as Referall is not liable for any loss of data or ongoing business as a result of cyber or technical attack.

Privacy and data use

Refer to Privacy Policy

Security of Information

Referall takes data information security very seriously, however the possibility exists that information you send may be unlawfully accessed or observed while in transit over the Internet or while stored on Referall systems. Referall disclaims all liability to any user of the site to the greatest extent possible pursuant to law should this occur.

Your login responsibilities

To apply for, refer or advertise jobs, users must become a registered user of the Site by providing a unique username and password. It is your responsibility to ensure your log in details are kept safe and are not shared with anyone. Should you become aware of an incident involving your log in details being shared or accessed, it is your responsibility to change these details immediately and advise Referall of any breach you become aware of.

Referall is not liable for any activities which take place under the user of your profile or email address.


You agree to not knowingly provide any information to the Site that a misrepresentation, inaccurate or false, including the omission of information relevant to use of the Site. Users who are identified as providing any type of misrepresentations may be banned from the Site.


Referall pricing may change from time to time. Please visit our pricing page for current pricing and offers.

Referral Fees

All jobs posted to the Site must include a referral fee. Referall fees are chosen by the advertiser at a minimum of AUD $135. Referall will keep 25% of the fee, the other 75% of the fee will be paid to the Referrer whose referral was the successful applicant to the advertised role. For example, if an advertiser posts a Referral fee of $5,000 – Referall will retain $1,250 and the remaining $3,750 will be paid to the Referrer.

Referall will not tax any of the referral fee, users of the site are to seek their own financial advice relating to payments.

In the event that a candidate received more than one referral for the same job, the applicant must select which Referrer should receive the payment if they are successfully appointed to the job in question. Once a Referrer is appointed by the Referee, it cannot not be changed.


Advertisers must pay for the job ad at the time of placing an ad. Payment is to be made via credit card only.

On successful placement of a referred applicant, advertisers are to pay the referral fee in the referall app. The payment of referral fees will then be passed to Referee’s nominated bank account via direct funds transfer only. Cheques or cash will not be issued.

It is the sole responsibility of the Referee to ensure their nominated banking details are correct as Referall accepts no liability for payments made to incorrect accounts.

Credit card processing fees will be charged in addition to any payments made via Referall. Visa/Mastercard 1.5%, AMEX 3%


Advertisers may ask questions related to the applicant or job. Referall does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of this information provided. Advertisers are encouraged to carry out relevant due diligence during their own hiring process.

Glossary of Terms

The Company, us, Referall  means Referall Pty Ltd trading as Referall ABN 40 647 554 041, including its Board, Management Team and employees.

Site refers to any Referall application accessed via any device

Advertiser refers to the company placing an advertisement for employment

Referrer  refers to any user who is referring another individual for an advertised role on the Site

Referee  refers to the individual being referred to an advertised role on the Site. The Referee may also be referred to as a Job Applicant.  

Users  refer to any users of the Site which may be Advertisers, Referrers and Referees.

Kudos   refers to responses to questions as posed by the advertiser

Referall Fee  refers to the monetary value to be paid to a Referrer on successful appointment of a Referee that they have referred to an advertised role.